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Our Services

Our Service

When it comes to organisation strategy, there is a lot to consider. 

We help our client to overcome their current challenges by re-examining, simplifying and even modifying (if necessary) on their existing structure, operating models, processes and even culture. 

Below is a suite of HR services we are providing to our clients.

 - Advisory & drafting of employment contract

- Drafting of corporate policies

- Drafting of HR policies

- Design of Compensation (Bonus, AV, MVC, Payout etc)

- Employee Benefit Project

- Employee Engagement

- Employee Wellness project

- Employee issue

- HR Audit

- HR Budget

- HR Grants Project / Application

- Job Grading

- Performance Management

- Staffing Strategy

We also provide retainer service for SME and startup. Our retainer service covers the whole suite of HR functions together with payroll.

Successful cases we have handled

1. An established pre-school was having challenges with their existing HR structure. They need to follow government guideline and processes. We supported them in modifying and developing a new HR structures and model.

2. We have supported an accounting firm to get a payroll project by developing and strengthening their existing policies. 

3. A CCTV company was dealing with MOM investigation and we supported them in their entire process.

4. A construction company was dealing with poor performance issues and we redesigned their performance management system.

5. We have conducted HR Audit for an F&B company before they sold off their business.  

HR Consultancy

Are you dealing with HR issues and not sure what to do? Our consultant who has years of experience in managing the HR functions & HR projects will be able to support you.


Our consultant will ensure each conversation is a value adding services to our clients in obtaining measurable results in human resource management.

Our Consultant

Our Consultant has more than 15 years of managing & running the HR team in various industries (Hospitality, Marine, Engineering, etc) in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Area of specialist:

•Hiring for Start-up Firm
•Convert strategic HR plan or proposal to executable action for all levels of employee
•Strong with HR operational work
•Strong with HR functions in: HR Strategy, Policy Review, compensation Structure, Organisation Structure, Talent Management and HR Audit